Wednesday, February 1, 2012


An "OM" moment

Last Thursday a truck backed up into my car and totaled it. $14,000 damage exclusive of mechanical work. Besides cosmetic damage he drove the engine block back against the firewall. Now I'm enjoying the wonderful experience of interacting with their insurance company. Of course they will try to low ball me on the value of the car so I'm in for a fight. Who needs the grief and anguish?

Its times like this that I think about my happy place, my in-the-kayak happy place.

Luckily it wasn't my "kayak mobile" so my paddling won't be interrupted, at least if the weather will cooperate. And, I will prevail over the insurance giant. The bigger they are the harder they fall.


  1. Good luck Tony. I feel your pain.

  2. Situation almost resolved. The wrecked car was a 2008 Saturn Aura and as luck would have it I found a 2009 Aura with just about the same kilometers on it. I bought it but yet to agree on the $ settlement. I will be treated fairly or its off to Small Claims Court.

    Tony :-)

  3. Atta boy Tony.I tell yah my insurance wasnt too bad. Hope no one was in your rig when she got wrote off?

    Regardless I am getting back on the water by Tuesday. I am sick of this!!