Sunday, March 3, 2013

In like lamb

March 3rd, fog, rain and 3C.  March has come in like a lamb.  The icicles and snow along the shore have shrunk considerably.

Gone is the bitter cold but not the swell.  In this over the shoulder shot Dean scoots between rocks covered in washover and the cliffs.

Neville trying out his newly carved Greenland paddle stayed a bit further offshore with Bell Island obscured in the fog in the background.

The rain the last couple of days and the meltwater from the snowpack made for a considerable flow of water at the falls in Beachy Cove.

This area just before Portugal Cove is a fun paddle through some rocks.  Today it was more entertaining than usual as waves broke over the rocks.  Timing is everything as Dean, a mere speck compared to the crashing wave, makes his way through.

At Portugal Cove we took out to have our granola bars and compliment ourselves on the stretch just paddled.  Dean commented that paddling season would be starting in about four weeks.  I agreed it certainly was probable with the way March has come in even though the lamb wasn't accompanied by mint jelly.

Question is, will March go out like a lion?

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