Friday, March 29, 2013

Storm Surge at St. Philips

A storm surge was in the forecast for the northeast coast of Newfoundland with waves offshore reaching 6 - 7 meters.  Exposed shorelines were in for a pounding.  It wouldn't be quite as dramatic at St Philips as it lies deeper inside of Conception Bay.

I went to have a look.

The waves piled the cobbles up against the 5 foot wall protecting the harbour ...

... and on top of the wall ...

... and over the wall.

Breaking waves, short surf ride.

I stood on top of the yellow blocks of wood by the light pole to get a shot of ...

... the waves as they rolled in the channel into the inner harbour.  I wasn't far enough away or high enough.  The wave rolled over the harbour apron and around my knees while I hung on to the pole.  Once the water drained away I moved from my perch just in time to catch ...

... this wave crashing over the sea wall.  That would have been a good soaking for sure if I had not moved.

Safe to say paddling was not an option today, at least safe paddling.


  1. Ya Dean, especially if you click on it to enlarge. In the background you can see the wave coming in through the channel is about 2 feet above the level of the apron.

    I shot the picture and ran *lol*

    Tony :-)

  2. That last one is a great shot for sure. No harbourside parking today :) I went down to Middle Cove this morning, and it was wild there, water came all they way up to the top of the steps at the parking lot. So did a couple of the shoot and run moves too... I will post pictures later.

  3. Tobias, anyone familiar with St. Philips will know how big it was there today. I had to go have a look. The water in the cove didn't look that bad but an exit and return to the harbour would have been very risky.

    Tony :-)