Saturday, March 16, 2013


Brian Derrick and I met at St. Philips on  beautiful day for a short morning paddle.  A topic of conversation was the demise of Kayak Newfoundland and Labrador (KNL).  This post is both about pictures from the paddle and a rant.

We found out earlier this week that the Newfoundland an Labrador Paddle Association is proposing the formation of a new entity, Paddle Newfoundland and Labrador, that would take in the membership of KNL and Tumblehome Canoe Club and the windup of NLPA, KNL and Tumblehome.

KNL members were surprised to find out about this so suddenly after apparently several months of discussion.  We continued on our way paddling into and out of shade.

The fact that this discussion was taking place unknown to the membership is disconcerting.  Like we were being kept in the dark similar to this channel in shade.

A meeting has been called for April 17th to discuss this issue so eventually we won't be in the dark anymore but ...

... maybe we'll emerge enlightened.

Meeting or not, I think we'll all still be in the dark as to the real motivation because I feel its taking on a bit of a political feel.  Nevertheless, informed or not, we will be asked to vote on the proposal.

I hope KNL members reject the proposal.  I think a Board composed of kayakers and canoeists will not serve kayaking's interests as well as a Board made up of exclusively kayakers.  The chance is that KNL will die.  I will be sad.  I'll accept it and hopefully not make bad friends over the discussion.  In the end its all about kayaking and I will continue either way.


  1. So Tony what are you thoughts now on the combined force of Canoeing and Kayaking?? Do you think it enhanced or hurt our kayaking club??

  2. As they say, from behind you can look a horse in the arse. I think its been a positive move and the new club has brought in some fine people from the canoe side of things.

    At the time though it was all done in secret and therefore caused suspicion in my mind.

    Tony :-)