Saturday, March 30, 2013

After the storm surge, a bob

Yesterday, Good Friday, we experienced a significant storm surge all along the northeast coast.  It died down somewhat today, Saturday, but it was still blowing hard.  It really wasn't fit for a paddle so we opted for a bounce in the waves at St Philips.

The camera rarely captures the true sea state but in this shot taken towards Bell Island, it is nowhere to be seen unless the camera is on the crest of a wave and then ...

 ... Bell Island pops into view.

The wind was blowing northwest at 45 kms with gusts to 55.  We were out in the open.  There was no protection.  The mini-ripples heralded the the coming wind gusts.

We spent an hour and a half paddling into the wind, bobbing in the unorganzed waves and catching the odd surf ride.  Today it was core training.  The obliques got a good workout.

In the hour and a half my GPS said 6.5 kms.  Its surprising the distance covered just bobbing around in the waves.

An hour and a half after putting in we had enough.  We paddled back into the harbour and up into the river to ...

... rinse the salt out of our gear.  Sean went directly home.  Dean, Tobias and I stopped for a coffee and a chat.

How does a person learn to paddle in confused seas?  The answer - paddle in confused seas.

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