Sunday, February 24, 2013

Another winter paddle

I got up this morning and checked the latest forecast before heading out for a day paddle.  I noticed the Weather Network had a visitor survey entitled "Which summer sport do you miss the most?"

Interestingly, 4% of respondents indicated "kayaking".

I was amused because I don't miss it at all.  I've just carried on padding without noticing winter had set in.

Dean and I made it a sixth straight weekend of winter paddling.  It was cold in the northerly wind and a sizeable swell was running in the bay which made for attentive paddling.

The channel we like to paddle through at Sailing Point was off limits today with waves washing over the top of the rocks.

The zone of clapotis extended out some 100 - 150 meters from the cliffs.  Standing waves were created where the clapotis met the incoming waves.  It meant for some gingerly picture taking.  Each time I took the camera out I had it in the back of my mind that I was prepared too roll if I got knocked over, camera in hand.

A recent snowfall of almost 25 cms still laying on the land reflected the sun giving the landscape a bright cheerful look.

If I didn't admit this was Newfoundland I think could easily convince the reader we were paddling in Greenland. (?)

We stopped for a break just to step on solid ground after being bounced around for almost an hour.  Dean and I each had a granola bar.  Mine was supposed to be chewy but the freezing temperature rendered it crunchy.  It went down well nevertheless.

Back on the water we retraced our steps, this time paddling with the incoming waves behind us but we still had the incessant clapotis.  It was like a carnival ride without the cotton candy and we didn't have to stand in line to take our turn.

We washed up in the fresh water of the river as is our habit this time of year.  I like to pick paddles where the takeout is near a fresh water source so that I don't have to wash the salt out at home.  The padding gear is not so much an issue, its just hard to wash the kayak in the bathtub *lol*

Another fine winter paddling adventure with Dean.  That survey I mentioned, we weren't in the 4% who missed kayaking just because it wasn't summer.


  1. No need to be missing any sport if you enjoy it enough... get the necessary gear/training and "don't just think about it, do it, do it, do it..."

  2. Can't argue with that Dean.

    Tony :-)