Sunday, February 10, 2013

Million dollar paddle

This past week the winner of a $30,000,000 lottery prize came forward.  I am happy for the couple but I'm not jealous.

Sure, I like to win that kind of money.  I can imagine many ways to spend some of it.

But its not a make or break thing in my life.

Its not like money can buy happiness ...

... and money can't buy friends but I guess having a $30,000,000 bank account will mean lots of people will want to be friends.

There are some things money can't buy ...

... like getting out for a paddle on a fourth consecutive weekend in the middle of winter with a good friend.

Saturday we got the remnants of a nor'easter that pasted the Boston states.  They got a meter of snow.  We didn't get as much but it was not very pleasant nonetheless.  It blew itself out overnight and Sunday morning we were in the warm side of the low pressure system.  Warm at 0C by winter standards and no wind.  Cha-ching, another super paddle with Dean.

I hope the lottery winner decides to buy a kayak.  It would be some of the best money they could spend.  I could be his friend too *lol*


  1. yeah, bud, 30 mil might not buy you happiness... but with it i could give up my J.O.B., buy a big RV and trailer, fill the trailer with whatever kayaks and gear I wanted, get my paddling buddies to drive around Newfoundland with me, and do a whole lot of paddling. Hmmm... maybe 30 mil can buy happiness.....

  2. You win $30,000,000 we're definately friends for life *lol*

    Excellent paddle today, as usual.

    Tony :-)