Monday, February 18, 2013

Apres manger in LaManche

As I said, there's no beach takeout in LaManche, only this stream cascading into the cove at the very end.

So, we hauled out onto the rocks on the south side of the cove.  The sea weed and bits of ice made for tricky footing carrying the kayaks above the water line.

We sat on the cold rocks somewhat protected from the cool breeze to have lunch.  Some distance away a lone hiker sat, probably surprised and amused at seeing a group of kayakers out at this time of year.

Finished our lunch, we waved goodbye to the hiker and began the paddle back to Tors Cove.  The sun continued to shine brightly, now at our back.  It was so bright that these normally black slates of the St. John's Formation took on purplish grey tones.


Great Island of the Witless Bay Ecological Reserve covered in snow shone brightly on the horizon.

At Bauline East we stopped to catch some surf rides where the swell broke over a submerged rock.  Hazen falling over the edge looks like he's catching a good one.

Done playing we carried on into Tors Cove as the islands were put behind us.  We stopped for coffee as its become our habit to debrief an excellent day kayaking.  Thanks guys for sharing the day.

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