Sunday, February 3, 2013

Groundhog day 2013

Groundhog day was on Friday, two days ago.  The verdict was mixed.  Some saw their shadows and predicted an early spring.  Some didn't so that meant another six weeks of winter.  Today, Sunday, Brian, Dean and I didn't worry about another six weeks of winter.  We went paddling.

On Monday I usually check the long range weather forecast wondering if it will be favourable for a paddle on the coming weekend.  Normally the forecast changes day to day as the weekend approaches.

So I ask myself, if the weatherperson, with the best technology tools science can provide can't get the forecast right a week in advance, even sometimes a day in advance ...

... then how can a rodent predict spring six weeks out?

It makes for good theatre and I know its a bit of light hearted humour to get over the winter blahs but ...

... winter isn't so bad if an effort is made to get out and enjoy it.  For example, when we reached Topsail Beach we noticed there was a good flow of water coming out of the estuary.  We thought, it could be fun to drag the boats up (two pics above) into it and ride the current back out to sea.

Which we did of course, with  great deal of glee.

When the prediction of spring is dependent on whether the sun shines or not on a mid-winter day, its best to have a chuckle and get on with what the weather and season offer.

Either way spring will come eventually.  Until it does, we'll carry on paddling.

Today the fresh water was running in the river so we could wash out our gear and the coffee was on at the restaurant to cap the day.  Thanks Brian and Dean.

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