Saturday, February 16, 2013

LaManche, escape from St. Philips

The last four weeks Dean and I have paddled out of St. Philips for a variety of reasons.  Today, we went further afield.  Today Clyde, Dean, Hazen, Sean, Tobias, and I departed Tors Cove for the resettled community of LaManche.

It was a bright, beautiful sunny day.  The sun made the water sparkle like diamonds.

There was a little breeze from the west but we were protected by the land.

 A little swell made it fun to paddle behind rocks ...

 ... which we all did.

It was a day to savour and take our time.  We poked into pretty much every hole and notch in the cliffs ...

 ... some of which were decorated by hanging walls of ice.


The imperceptible swell on the ocean to port reared up as it approached the land as we made our way into LaManche Bay.

Handrailing along the shoreline we arrived at our destination of LaManche.  Where people lived until the mid-60s, now it is visited by only sea kayakers and hikers on the East Coast Trial, one of the iconic features of which is this suspension bridge across the cove.

There's no beach in the cove.  The takeout is over some seaweed and onto the gently sloping rocks where we had our lunch.


  1. Things just seemed to align today to allow us to get away from St Philips... and it was really great to have Sean, Clyde, Hazen, and Tobias with us on this one. Too bad the rest of the paddle pack wasn't able to be share the day with us.

  2. The weather cooperated today Dean and it was a glorious day. I feel so lucky to have had the day and to share it with like minded people.

    Tony :-)