Friday, May 18, 2012

What? Me practice?

Assisted rescue

Thursday evening the air temperature was 20 C and the sea temperature was 7 C.  Time to get out of the boat and have some fun.

Seven of us met at St. Philips.  Some of us got out of our boats and tried to knock the rust of our self and assisted rescues.


With the water warming up there was more upside down time making sure the roll was effective and ...


less adversity to getting out to do a back deck scramble on recovery.

I was surprised there weren't more out to practice given the warm weather.  Maybe not everyone needs the practice.  Maybe so, but the time to find out whether the rescue tool kit works or not isn't when things go bad.  Hopefully more will turn out as we get deeper into the season.

Thanks to everyone who did turn out; it was a lot of fun.

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