Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Blowin' in the wind

In bigger seas

I saw an interesting comment on Facebook from my friend Alex in connection with a tether for stand up paddle boards.

Alex posted "In seas that go to hell I lash one end of my tow kit to one of my life lines. In wind the boat may blow away faster than I can dog paddle. The tow rope can be used to draw us back together .. Theoretically. Even in a dry suit My head , the size of a turnip, would be hard to see. The 18 foot long yellow or white thing should be easy to find. I can likely get back in should I end up swimming."

I've never seen this mentioned in any book or magazine article and thought what a great idea.  I agree its an excellent idea in big seas in heavy wind in case there's a chance for a swimmer.  Even in a group it will shorten the time to track down the boat and tow it back.  In a duo situation is solves the dilemma of whether to stay with the swimmer or chase the boat.

Its probably a must do when paddling solo.

Great idea but care would have to be taken to prevent entanglement.


  1. Alex and I discussed this a few months back. In rougher weather paddling solo; I've always done this.

  2. Funny but Dean and I had a brief discussion about this as we watched you last Saturday when you were further from shore and alone. Dean said that if you came out of the boat you'd never be able to get it back. I said you'd find your boat in Iceland somewhere.

  3. Its a good practice to follow and I will certainly do so in future in conditions that warrant it.

    Tony :-)