Friday, May 11, 2012

Stealing the show

Black Pearl

 The star of the show as boats lined up for the Thursday evening practice at St. Philips was Sean's newly completed Black Pearl.  What a sleek looking vessel.

Grinning ear to ear

The payoff after all the work is to take the boat out for its inaugural spin.  Sean is all smiles and rightly so after such a very fine job.  The craftsmanship is superb that can be seen even right up close.  Even has that new boat smell!

Like bees to honey

Everyone had a close look.  The side profile shot of this boat shows her elegant lines.

Comin' thru

Time to put her through her paces.  Inside the cove the water was calm.  Outside of the protection of the land we had small waves just about right to test a new boat for the first time.

Comparing notes

Derrick and Sean discussing the craft of strip-building a kayak?

Another first

After the initial excitement calm down we got into our own thing.  Sue had her inaugural paddle for this year too.  A little apprehensive about it being her first time on the sea this year but she still has it.


 The water is still cold but it warming up a bit, maybe 3C.  Cold yes but not so cold that the object was an immediate return to uprightness.

Prodigal son

Haven't seen Dennis in quite a while as he was out wandering in the working man's wilderness.  A hiatus of six months finally came to an end for him and he looked quite pleased abut it too.  Six months, I think I'd die.

It was the first warm Thursday evening of the year that attracted nine of us.  Overall a fun evening.

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