Thursday, May 3, 2012

Connecting the dots

A low paddle style

Armed with the picture of the rotator cuff (on the last post) its easier to see why we do things the way we do when executing certain strokes.  For example, "face your work" when doing a skulling draw.

When I paddle in wind, other than into it, I find I do a lot of sweep strokes to keep the kayak on course.  Upon reflection, I realize I may have let my technique slip a bit and that may have contributed to my rotator cuff injury.  The torso should follow the paddle as it sweeps towards the stern but I may have been cheating on that part of the stroke.  I think I've just been pulling my arm back further while still facing forward.

Hindsight is 20/20.  Once I get a full recovery I'll be more careful to assess my technique on an ongoing basis to avoid slipping into bad habits.

Connecting the dots then, its about good technique, strengthening exercises for both the main and stabilizer muscles of the shoulder and a balanced approach to kayaking in relation to other interests.

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