Saturday, May 5, 2012

Jig-a-loo and paddles don't mix

After trying and putting away my Greenland paddle I got out my Werner Camano paddle to paddle around in the cove.  I couldn't get the two halves to lock together.

A while back the release button on the paddle was sticking.  Its happened before, I just sprayed a bit of WD40 to lubricate it.  This time I had a can of Jig-a-loo handy.  Its an all around lubricant.  Printed on the can is its "ideal for wood, metal, most plastics, leather and fabric surfaces".

Most plastics, just not the plastic in the locking mechanism of my paddle.  The Jig-a-loo reacted with the plastic to melt it and bind it up immoveable.  I could get the paddle halves together, just not lock.

I mailed them and was told its not reversible.  Now I had a real problem.  I considered the problem and thought the application of heat may free up the mechanism.  It did but now was stuck fully pressed in and wouldn't spring back up.

This enabled me to get the two pieces together but now I have a one piece paddle, never to be a two piece again.  Its inconvenient but at least I don't have to throw it away.

This is a warning ... don't use Jig-a-loo to lubricate anything plastic.


  1. Hi Tony, a timely warning. The button on my Werner Cyprus paddle stuck for the first time at the weekend. I always split then wash it out with fresh water after a paddle so I was a bit surprised. I gave it a good hosing with no effect then managed to push it in so the paddle came apart. More hosing didn't improve things but I got a long screwdriver into the end and levered the button back up and down a few times. It was still stiff so I put some silicone spray on it. This has improved it but it's still not perfect.

  2. I thought I was safe using this lubricant Douglas but sadly it was a mistake. I was just hoping to prevent even just one person from suffering the same consequences. I should have stayed with what worked before.

    Tony :-)