Saturday, March 3, 2012

To Brocks Pond Falls

Off we go

Today our destination was Brocks Pond Falls. This past week we had the coldest days of the winter so far and I suspected the falls would be spectacularly frozen in time by Mr. Freeze. Dave, Dean and I met at St. Philips but could not put-in in the harbour as it was choked with thick pans of ice. We put-in on the beach.

Daggers of ice

Not long underway we came upon the first shallow cave that was framed by huge drapes of icicles. We stayed well clear of the icicles because if any of it came down we would be paddling in the great beyond.

No, the picture is not off kilter. I tried this on purpose.

Through the channel

This channel between St. Philips and Portugal Cove is always interesting if there's even a bit of swell. Dean went in first - boom, up against a rock. Dave went next - the water drained and he was up on a rock. It looked like things could get really interesting but they made it through as did I.

Clearing traffic

Tobias joined us in Portugal Cove where we waited for the Bell Island ferry to cross before we headed on further north towards our destination for the day.

Under rocky hills

Paddling north from Portugal Cove the land looks like the land God gave to Cain.

At the falls

Almost 5 kms we hit the falls. We weren't disappointed as stopped to look up at a wall of frozen water some 200 feet high. Again, the off angle was something I tried.

Matching colours

Paddling back to Portugal Cove we beat into a stiff wind that seemed to be blowing from a totally different direction than forecast. Calories burned to propel our craft forward had to be replaced. We stopped on this beach dominated by cascading ice that just matched the white of my boat's hull.

The Pillars of Hercules

Back at St. Philips the twin piers leading into the inner harbour were all iced up above the high water mark. It reminded me of the Pillars of Hercules.

As is our custom, we paddled up the fresh water river to wash up before stopping at the restaurant for a well deserved hot tea. Half a kilometer short of 20, it was a fine way to spend a day in early March.

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