Sunday, March 18, 2012

The last winter paddle

What a day

Winter is over on Wednesday so today five of us had our last winter paddle for this season. Hard to put this forward as a winter paddle because it was such a beautiful day.

Its still winter

But it was as we were brought back to reality, by sheets of ice, that it was still technically winter.

How sweet it is

No wind, flat calm water and temperatures hovering just above zero gave promise to warmer days ahead.

Not today

Low tide made it impossible to get through some spots that are navigable in higher water.

Room here

There was room here either side of the protruding rock.

Muscle power

Sometimes its marginal but guys with plastic boats will give it a try anyway. Here Dean puts his Greenland paddle to good use *lol* to pry himself over the rocks.


Clear water reflected icicles hanging off the cliff face above the greenish grey rounded pebbles of the sea bottom.


Bright sunshine penetrated the surface to highlight seaweed growing on submerged rocks.

Slob ice

Fresh water floating on the surface of the briny seawater was frozen into slush. No icebreaker needed today though.

Front row seat

Another fine display of icicles that begged a look.

Going round

Gary rounding a rock in the last little cove before we finished for the day.

It appears that winter is going out like a lamb. We'll look forward to warmer weather but look back on a productive and enjoyable winter of paddling. As the weather and the water warms up more paddlers will come out of hibernation. We will welcome them back after a long absence.

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