Tuesday, March 27, 2012

More sources of ice info

Ice extent

I'm checking the ice situation every day now in anticipation. Environment Canada publishes various daily and weekly ice updates. This map shows the extent of sea surface ice which is mainly first year ice. It looks like a giant tongue of ice coming down from Arctic regions and the Labrador coast carried on the Labrador current. When it get here it looks like ...

Slob ice and growlers

The winds drive the ice into the bays and coves of the Avalon Peninsula. Sometimes its crammed in tight. That's when we, as kids, would go out hopping from pan to pan oblivious to the danger.

As an older kid now its fun paddling though when it loosens up enough to create channels to explore. And ...

Lunch time

... a place to haul out for a lunch break. A self taken picture from 2 BN (2 years before Nordkapp *lol*).

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  1. tony,
    amazing athmosphere expecially your lunch! the northern italy is suffering for lacking rain. If we could share that ice it would be great... :P

    take care,