Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Rug hooking, stamp colecting and hobbies

No doormat

My sister kept herself busy during the winter with a few rug hooking projects. One of those was kayaker Tony paddling into the sunset with the gulls. You can see it was a bumpy evening on the sea *lol* in St. Philips.

Several weeks ago when I did a First Aid course we had a number of simulations to deal with. One victim was Hazen who had broken his back. Three of us then had to determine what happened and extricate him with a make-shift stretcher. Hazen was told to be negative and not cooperate. Scene was set.

Hazen implored us to let him die because he didn't want to live. We did our best to "console" him. After some time, knowing this was only a simulation, I jokingly asked Hazen if "he had thought about stamp collecting". I just couldn't resist the joke.

Hobbies are great things to keep things interesting, but, for now, as long as I can, I'll keep paddling.

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