Saturday, July 30, 2016

Back in the saddle again

Its been two weeks since I had my bum in the kayak.  I've got a major home project underway that has kept me busy, exhausted and off the water.  But, Wednesday evening came along and our regular weekly get-together at St. Philips.  It was a beautiful evening without conditions so the group of 10 of us just went for a leisurely paddle.

The tide had been falling since 2:00 pm so by 5:00 there were places we couldn't get through unless in a plastic boat.  The glass kayaks had to detour around.


New to Wednesday evening was Bobbie in the center.  Always great to see new people show up.  We had 10 and could have set a record attendance if some of the guys studying for their Paddle Canada Level IV certification could have broken away from their research and study.

Some of the group backlit by the sun setting behind the billowing clouds.

Whoa!  Some waves rolled in as Brian and I were ready to scoot through between this rock and the hard place.  We ...

... waited patiently as water surged through the gap eventually making it through.

Turning back the sunlight cast a warm golden glow on the scene.

I'm still tied up with my longer term project but I was over the moon to be back in my kayak.  Paddling will be sporadic over the next month but I'll get out when I can, at least on Wednesday evenings after I've put in my day's work.  They don't pay me enough to work overtime. *lol*

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  1. sweet evening paddle :)....glad you are not "working overtime", now if we can get you out of it on the weekends! :)