Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Great Colinet Island (2016) Part 2

After our tour of the resettled community of Mosquito on Great Colinet Island we got back in our kayaks and paddled south along the east shore.  Not long after leaving Mosquito the shoreline began to look more imposing.  Some of us paddled close to the cliffs where there was a little action created by the wind waves.

We passed by several caves.

Pushed by the wind it wasn't long before we were at the south end of the island and the entrance to Wild Cove where we would ...

... set up our tents and become ...

... the largest and only community on the island.

There is a good reason the place is called Wild Cove.  It is open to the south with unlimited fetch from the south.  Next stop south from here is Bermuda, if your lucky to hit it.  With that in mind we carried the kayaks well up onto the high beach plateau.

After the tents were set up and kayaks secured we went for a hike to the south headland we had passed to enter the cove.  All along the high ground the tuckamore was evidence of how strong the wind can get.  Tuckamore is a Newfoundland term for stunted fir and spruce trees that grow low to the ground and lean away from the direction of the wind.  The strong wind stunts their growth as can be seen from the thick trunk but its low height.

Near the headland and looking back into the cove where our tents stood the land was a sea of yellow buttercups and reddish sorrel.

Our group at the headland minus Rob who had gone earlier for a run.

Back from the headland in the distance, it was time to get supper going.

The sun began to set and it got noticeably cooler so we set about collecting some wood for our camp fire.  As the fire grew and the temperature fell the group ...

... crowded closer to the fire.

We took turns tending to the fire.  People drifted away to their tents as the night wore on bringing an end to our first day at Great Colinet Island.  It was good night Irene.


  1. From group Crowded House song "Fingers of Love": "Colour is its own reward". Isn't it so true? I wasn't sure how the shot of the buttercups and sorrel would turn out, whether it would capture the mass of colour but I was happy with the outcome.

    Tony :-)