Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Great Colinet Island (2016) Part 3

We arrived in Wild Cove on Great Colinet Island on Saturday for our one night club kayak camp trip.  Sunday morning it was time to pack up and head home.  Under cool, grey skies everyone had breakfast, well, most of us except the late sleepers and broke camp.

We paddled into Wild Cove on the east side where the rocks dipped to the west.  Leaving on the west side the rocks dipped to the east, which means???  Wild Cove sits in the axis of a syncline!

All along the west side the weaker sedimentary beds were eroded making passages to paddle through.

At South Point we paddled under massive cliffs that ...

... trailed off towards the west side of the island with little coves to investigate.

Rounding the last corner we were face into the wind.  The forecast for Sunday was an easterly wind which would have afforded the group protection until the crossing back to Admirals Beach.  It didn't quite work out that way as winds were more NNE so it was a little more of a workout than anticipated.

The husband and wife team of Brian and Sue.  The more experienced paddlers spaced themselves out among the group to make sure everyone was safe.

I looked across at Cathy and thought how the verdant hills matched the green of her kayak.  What a trooper paddling on without breakfast, well, a banana and a granola bar.

We had a tow to do in the wind.  I saw a rope in the water and realized Dean had a customer.  I called out I would hook on to him and we'd do a tandem tow.  After some time Hazen and Clyde took over and had a turn.  We rested in the protection of this small cove before ...

... Shane and Derek took a turn.

As we approached Back Cove we stopped and everyone took a breather.  I sampled some of Sarah's curry dip finding it went well with baby carrots, even watermellon and Cathy's brownies *lol*.  That and some of Shane's trail mix and I was good to go again.

The wind seemed to drop after our stop making the passage across Regina much easier dispensing with the need for the tow.  At, what I understood to be Mother-in-Law rock, we made the turn for Admirals Beach 1.5 kms across to the mainland.  The small wind waves on the beam made paddling easier for everyone having paid our dues earlier in the morning.

Back at Admirals Beach with Great Colinet Island in the background.  Dave the beluga was still hanging out in the harbour so some decided to have a swim with him while the rest of us unloaded our kayaks.

It was only a short one night trip but it was filled with adventure and a great bunch of 15 other adventurers.  Thanks to Dean and Hazen for organizing the trip.

You can catch another take on the trip at Shane's blog.

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