Friday, July 8, 2016

The paper chase

Saturday Dean, Hazen, Neville and Terry were going to take a test to determine whether they met Paddle Canada level III competencies.  If they passed that would open the path to do their level IV in August.  With that in mind Dean and Hazen wanted to make sure they were prepared so they, along with Brian, Cathy, Gary and myself, met at St. Philips on Friday to do some rescues etc.

Here Hazen comes to the aid of the damsel in distress, Cathy but ...

... she also knows how to get a rescue done, rescuing Dean.  Its important not only to know different rescue techniques as the rescuer but also as the rescuee so when it happens it goes with the minimum of discussion.  Everyone on the same page.

With everything under control, we went for a short paddle.

It doesn't hurt to have someone as knowledgeable as Brian around too when practicing any kayak skill.

Cathy in lime Rikki.

My favourite passage and a good place for a swim rescue practice.

Gary.  Somewhere along our paddle Cathy and Gary hatched a plan to do a one night kayak camp trip to Kellys Island.  The subject of three previous posts.  I couldn't resist so I joined them; it was a blast.

A short break and stretch before finishing the day.

Saturday Cathy, Gary and I went to Kellys Island.

Dean and Hazen went to Placentia and passed their level III evaluation.  They're on to Burgeo in August to do their level IV.  Good for them because I paddle with these guys and I will feel a lot safer when they get the highest level kayak course offered by Paddle Canada.  Me, I'll just be uncertified but certifiable *lol*

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