Thursday, August 4, 2016

Noah's Ark - FOUND!!!

All speculation of Noah's Ark finding its resting place on Mount Ararat is unfounded.  It has been found and it is in Conception Bay.

Another Wednesday evening saw six of us show up at St. Philips.  We started by riding the surge over the rocks at the south end of the cove while waiting for others to arrive.

At 6:00 and no one on the beach to put in we headed for Portugal Cove along a shoreline awash with foam.

At the G-Spot the larger swells were really piling over the rocks so timing was essential to avoid being caught and swept up onto the rocks.

On our way back from Portugal Cove we made the discovery of the century.  It had to be Noah's Ark with its boards sealed with pitch.

We went close to investigate to see if Noah and his animals were still aboard but they had apparently already disembarked to leave the Ark floating in the small cove.  It had already suffered considerable damage being slammed into the cliff by the swell.

The only items I saw worth salvaging on the Ark were some solar panels ;).  After some time marveling at the unusual construction we ...

... left the Ark to its destiny and made our way back to St. Philips under the golden glow of the setting sun.

And, so ended an eventual Wednesday evening; never a dull moment!


  1. Pretty exciting! :) ... and very cool to get solar panels from it! :)

  2. Noah was light years ahead technologically. Maybe the dolphins gave him the heads up *lol*

    Tony :-)