Sunday, May 3, 2015

The first iceberg of 2015

Word had it there was an iceberg in Torbay.  Even though we paddled out of Middle Cove two weeks ago we decided to leave from there again to go to Torbay because there's no guarantee we'll see any more bergs this year.  It was make hay while the sun shines so to speak.

A good swell was running out of the north again making it a lumpy ride out of Middle Cove and ...

... the place called Motion between Middle Cove and Torbay.  We stayed well off outside of the break zone and before long we were ...

... in the presence of this majestic iceberg that drifted all the way from Greenland to visit us.  This was the east side.  What appeared from a distance to be one solid berg turned out upon closer inspection to be one berg alright but with one huge mass and two smaller towers.

Checking out the south side there was very little contrast which made the berg look like one mass but ...

... from this angle on the north of west side the towers separated again.  The swell rushed into the drydock (area between the towers) and burst two meters or more skyward.  Difficult to see but the spray is right in front of my bow.

Nothing like a guy in a kayak to provide perspective as to the size.  This was Clyde and then ...

... Hazen cruised by.

This was the north side.  From this vantage point it looked like a mountain so one can imagine how big the berg actually is because 90% of it is underwater out of sight.

Coming full circle clockwise we were back on the east side.  We bobbed around a bit to take in the action around the iceberg.  At times Clyde and Dean disappeared in the swell.

When the swell poured into the drydock it met the tower and went skywards and then ...

... rebounded back out in foam capped waves.

There was only one berg on offer so after taking our time to enjoy we paddled down into ...

... the cove in Torbay looking north at the iceberg we had just departed.  We returned to cross across Middle Cove and into Outer Cove before taking out at Middle Cove to have lunch and go to the coffee shop.

It was a short paddle of 14 kms.  Today it was all about the iceberg.  One down but hoping for more.


  1. Hey Tony, the fifth pic is a neat shot when you click on it to increase the size on the screen...

  2. Yes Dean, and #10 - #12 are pretty awesome too when enlarged.

    Tony :-)

  3. I don't see anything awsome about #12, other then Old Wobbly is in it...LOL

  4. Ya that should have read #9 - #11 but a picture of Old Wobbly is not o bad either!

    Tony :-)