Sunday, May 31, 2015

The crown jewel of the Southern Shore - Part I

We left the city which was bathed in sunshine to drive to Cape Broyle for a Saturday paddle.  As we drove down the Southern Shore highway the fog settled in.  It was foggy too at Cape Broyle.  Undaunted, we assumed the sun would eventually burn through the fog and we'd be in sunshine too.

They were processing fish at the plant which attracted hundreds of gulls.  As I approached they took to wing.

The first normal stop in Cape Broyle is Horsechops River Falls today much subdued.

We crossed at the usual place where level I clubs crossings take place and made our way east on the south side of Cape Broyle.

Dean paddles under an overhang in crystal clear waters.

Every opportunity to paddle between the shore and offshore rocks was taken.

Dean takes a shower and got a good ...

... drenching.

One of the draws in Cape Broyle are the numerous caves which of course we explored.

Dean making an entrance.

We arrived at Lance Cove to paddle along the sandy beach right where the water meets the land.

Lance Cove is the usual stopping point for Level I club trips.  It is where we stop for a break and/or lunch before returning for the day.  However, we were having such a good day we decided to carry on up to Church Cove and check out Cathedral Cave a monster among caves.

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