Thursday, May 28, 2015

Taking control of my GoPro

I've been thinking of a way to manually operate the camera when its out on the foredeck and out of arm's reach.  I jury rigged an extension to the QuickCapture button of my GoPro.  I was anxious to try it out at Wednesday evening practice at St Philips.  Here are a few stills from the video I captured.

Dean and Nevile were there in their new fun boats.  The rest of us were in the ...

... long boats so we went for a paddle while Dean and Neville played.

Gene in his new Torngat.

Tina, I think.  She and her husband were first time attendees and, well, my memory may not be as good as it once was.  If I got it wrong I apologize.

We cruised through rocks undisturbed by waves.  We only had to concern ourselves that there was enough water to float the kayaks through.  On the way back I ...

... turned the camera around to video the captain. *lol*  While we went for a paddle there were lots of opportunities to practice paddle strokes like the cross-bow rudder.  I like it most because it feels like it has more of a powerful turn.

On the return we met Dean and Neville.  They took their time to play all along the way.

Some places were a tight squeeze.

Back in the cove and sufficiently warmed up from earlier rolls I did a few more.  The water is still barely above zero so it wasn't a long rolling practice.

I was pleased with the evening for its kayak activities and also for the improvised improvements to my GoPro waterproof case.  I did decide to modify what I had done and will post pics from that when I complete a final product.  A hit: it allows me to turn on QuickCapture with my paddle.

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