Friday, May 8, 2015

Like a fy on the wall

Last weekend four of us left Middle Cove to paddle the short distance to Torbay where an iceberg was reported.  Unknown to us, as we bobbed by the iceberg after we arrived, a colleague of ours was standing on the land adjacent to the berg.  He mailed Hazen the pictures who forwarded them on to the rest of us.

We are like flies on the wall in comparison to the huge mass of ice so it will be necessary to click on the images to have any chance of spotting us on the water.  In this image we are floating just to the right of an above the right edge of the iceberg.

Images provided by N. Walsh, with thanks.

That would be me paddling along in front of the iceberg, pretty much in the middle of the berg.

Near the bottom right corner of the "triangle" formed on the left of the berg, Hazen and Clyde paddle by.

Interesting for me to get this perspective.

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