Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Looking for the monks of Iona - Chapter 2

At the end of Chapter 1 our group of intrepid mariners in our long boats had stopped for lunch near Corbin Head.   Luckily for the monks of Iona we were not Vikings bent on plunder.

We got underway again.  As we did the Grassy Islands came into view floating on the calm sea.

The sea bottom was visible in the clear water illuminated by brilliant sunshine while Brian and Terry float on the surface.

Beyond Cove Nan Drioch-Clochan (surely its Scottish) Point, Burke Island looked like a camel with its distinctive humps.

At St. Croix Point paddling through a cleft in the rocks put us in ...

... the mouth of Long Harbour.  A 3.5 km crossing interrupted half way by the twosome "Shag Rocks".  One can imagine, given the name, what would happen it these were encountered in foggy weather, in a storm.

From the mouth of Long Harbour we could see our progress down the coast as we had passed Long Island and Red Island came up on our starboard side.

Having crossed the entrance to Long Harbour we continued our paddle along the shore.

A slight detour (mea culpa) intervened but just after 3:30 we were in Big Seal Cove where we established camp for the night.

The carnivores had steak to BBQ so one of the first tasks on our arrival was to start a fire to make coals for the BBQ.  I had salmon baked in tin foil.

After super was finished we could grow the fire so we piled bigger logs onto the coals.  It was going to be cold when the sun ...

... set, so it had to be big ...

... to keep us warm under a ...

... clear sky filled with stars and the planet Venus (best seen by clicking on the photo to enlarge).

So, that was our first day in search of the monks of Iona.  The next day we would be on our way out to the island.

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