Thursday, April 16, 2015

Wild and wooly

Thursday evening we normally get together in St Philips for rescue and stroke practice but today it was too wild and wooly.  With northerly winds at 30 knots and gusts to 45 added to a temperature of -4C driven down to -13C with the wind chill, it was decided to take a pass this week.

I went anyway, without the kayak to have a look and captured some short video of the conditions.  It took 10 minutes for my bare hands to come, painfully, back to life.

The video really gets degraded on the upload but the conditions are obvious.


  1. Just the same Tony, I do believe we've been out there in as bad and worse conditions, but not in this lower temperature....

  2. True Dean but I don't remember being out in those conditions with such a strong northerly wind. I think mainly in SW winds.

  3. I remember a day out there... waves were coming from the north direction... there was a capsize/recovery at the end of the channel, one fellow was late getting there, there was a capsize/swim/ and tow as well... but I am sure it was summer and on a Saturday...

    1. Yes, I also remember large seas running from the north but the northerly wind yesterday would have been most challenging to sty upright.

      I remember an interesting return I made into the boat basin once with those size waves.

      Tony :-)