Friday, April 3, 2015

A paddle on Best Friday

Today is called "Good Friday" in the Christian world.  In Tony's world its called "Best Friday".  Every Friday, the end of the work week for most, is always good but when its a holiday it deserves to be called "Best".

We were going to have west winds in the 15 - 20 knot range so Dean and I opted for a bouncy paddle to Topsail Beach.  I was interested in a bounce because I wanted to try a new GoPro camera mount.  The mount is 40 cms (16 inches +/-) high and mounted on the fore hatch cover.  More details another day.

Right away we were into it as a wave breaks over Dean's kayak.

Dean going uphill.

I hoped to avoid water drops on the lens but to no avail, at least, not in the conditions we had today.

I quickly identified one issue.  With the mount directly in my field of view, I found watching it sway back and forth was giving me a bit of vertigo with some discomfort.  Gradually I learned to ignore it and felt more at ease.

My intention for the day was to capture video constantly and select some shots that was more representative of the day.  At 30 frames per second I knew I stood a better chance than with the single shot Olympus.

As the kayak swayed it of course tilted the horizon.

Dean tried out his new Euro blade that he bought to use with his soon to be delivered Jackson Karma RG.  He had his GP as a spare.

The benefit of taking stills from the video is no camera to hold in one hand and the paddle in the other when ...

... this comes at ya and ...

... is going to give you a cold shower ...

... but at least an upright one!

We got out at Topsail Beach for a stretch and I moved the mount to the back hatch pointing forward.

Overall I was happy with the mount but I think I'll make another about 15 cm (6 inches) shorter and leave the longer one for the back deck.

Incidentally, I got 105 minutes and 21 seconds of recording time out of the Hero4 battery in near 0C temperatures.

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