Saturday, April 25, 2015

Instant karma and a new hip

Dean bought a new Jackson Karma RG.  After taking delivery of it earlier this week, today it was time to take her out for a test run.  Hint, its the blue/white boat.

Hazen got the all clear earlier this month to resume normal daily activities after undergoing a hip replacement in February.  He joined us for his first paddle since the operation.

It was raining and foggy as we put in.

The water was calm so the RG wasn't put through any extensive exercise, just some cruising around rocks.

Poking into notches along the shore and ...

... adding the first scratches gliding over submerged rocks.

It wasn't really the conditions Dean wanted for the RG but it was a comfortable first day back for Hazen.  No need to throw him directly into the fire on the first day back after three months.  You might say he's on ease back!

It might not have been ideal conditions to test the performance of the RG but I think Dean had fun anyway for he got in among the ....

... rocks wherever he could.

He even got a short run in this outflow from the lagoon behind the beach.

It was a relaxing paddle.  I managed to get into 90% of the spots Dean did with my 18 foot Nordkapp but that statistic will change when the water gets rougher.  I'm looking forward to seeing how the RG handles then and maybe, just maybe, I'll be convinced I need one too.

And, Hazen survived too but he'll need to get some reps in to get back into paddling fitness.

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