Saturday, April 4, 2015

Looking out the back door

After stopping at Topsail Beach I moved the camera mount from the fore hatch cover to the aft hatch cover.  Leaving Topsail Beach I had a look around to see where Dean was.

Ah, there he is.  I was wondering if I'd just be capturing only myself but this looks like we were a threesome out for a paddle and the third in the group got a picture of myself and Dean.

Not quite knowing what video I was capturing, I edged to port thinking I'd get Dean in the shot, and I did.  The world tilted.

More of Tony's back with Dean paddling near the cliffs.  The wind dropped as we made our way back to St. Philips.

Among the rocks the bottom was bright under the sun.  I was amazed reviewing the video how much detail the GoPro captured of the bottom.

Ya never know what goes on behind your back until its videoed.

Taking a bead on a passage between rocks.

And, one last shot of the two of us before the battery died.

I was pleased with the rear mounted camera.  On the way up I found with the taller mount it was disorienting as it swayed back and forth in the I had the camera 40 cms (16 inches).

I have one more idea for a rear mounted camera that I'll try the next surfing opportunity.


  1. Fun for sure. Fun too making different mounts for different perspectives and learning the camera and GoPro's Studio2 editing software.

    Tony :-)