Friday, April 10, 2015

Two sunsets for the price of one

Thursday evening was going to be our first practice session for the season.  It was cold.  I arrived early, paddled around in the cove for a while waiting for anyone else to show up and decided just before 6:00 that I'd be on my own.

What to do?  I looked at the time, did a quick calculation and decided I had time for the 5 km crossing to Bel Island and back before the sunset.

The closer I got to Bell Island the taller the cliffs got until I paddled myself into a sunset.  I didn't stay long as the evening was getting on.

Heading back I was in sunlight again as the bay opened up between Bell Island, cloaked in shadow, and the cliffs of the mainland bathed in sunshine as they marched north.

I arrived back at St. Philips with the sunset one sun diameter above the horizon.  I decided to wait the 10 minutes and sat watching the sun sink away for the day.

It got frosty quickly after the sun departed with the watery film on the hull turning to ice as I loaded the kayak and drove for home.  Hopefully warmer next week and a few more people will show up.

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