Saturday, March 21, 2015

The first full day of spring

Spring came in here at 8:15 pm on Friday, March 20.

I got up (Saturday morning) to check the weather.  It was -9C and -13C with the windchill.

I checked the calendar.  Yup, March 21st.  The calendar said spring but Mother Nature said "Not so fast Tony.  You're not done winter weather yet."

Dean, Gerard and I met at 9:00 to paddle to Brock's Pond Falls to check out how much ice was at the falls.

Did I mention it was spring?

We paddled north in the shade of the cliffs.  It was brilliantly sunny but we were in the chilly shadow as we paddled through Sailing Point.

High tide opened up paddling access to all the rocky places.

At Beachy Cove the hills were lower and we were in bright sunshine until we reached ...

... Wester Point at the entrance to Portugal Cove where we were again in shade.

Across Portugal Cove the 650 foot tall cliffs were bathed in sunshine.  Our objective was in sight.

A total snowfall of about 50 cms in the past week covered the frozen falls but where it was open we could see and hear the water running.  The falls flow out of Brock's Head Pond cascading 325 feet into the sea.  Today, the falls looked more like a ski hill.

Two weeks ago Sean biked to the top of the falls for a different perspective.

There's nowhere to take out so we bobbed at the falls for a short period before beginning our return.


  1. Hey Tony: Thanks for the "shout out" to my blog entry!! In the meantime, I have not given up on kayaking (way too much money tied up in gear to do that), I am just on a winter hiatus!!



  2. I thought it might be interesting to have some shots of the falls from up on high. Hopefully see you on the water soon!

    Tony :-)