Tuesday, March 3, 2015

GoPro Clamp mount

While I learning to use my new GoPro Hero4 Silver I'm researching different camera mounts, mainly on YouTube.  One I liked because it was simple and because it looked versatile, was a clamp mount.

The clip on YouTube was a simple 1/4 inch bolt through the top of the clamp that the tripod mount screwed into.  I thought I could improve on the basic design.

I cut a couple of old window shade slats (out of styrene I think) and epoxied them to the sides of the clamp ...

... like so.  Then I ...

... cut and epoxied two strips each of about 10 cms wide and ...

... epoxied them to the top edge of the first pieces I attached.  These widened the top surface area I could epoxy a top piece of styrene that I ...

... attached the flat sticky mount.

Here's a top view which more clearly shows the finished product.

Its a versatile mount that is easily moved around and clamped to flat surfaces.


  1. Take a look at this ;ø)
    You have to translate it but I guess you see what I did, nice post and idea by the way.

  2. Thanks Rolf! I had look and I will keep that in mind for future mounting projects.

    Tony :-)