Monday, March 23, 2015

Brock's Pond Falls, part 2

After checking out Brock's Pond Falls we turned south to return the 10 kms to the put-in.  The light wind which was behind us on the way up was now in our faces.

It was only a light wind which was forecasted to increase slightly but ...

... it didn't happen.  As we were pulled out at Portugal Cove for a short break after almost three hours in the kayaks the wind completely dropped and the sea went flat calm.

The sun overpowered the camera and ...

... illuminated the shallow water that Gerard floated on.

Seeing the channel at Sailing Point from the other direction.

Gerard on a calm sea under clear sunny skies.

It was another fine day on the water coming to a close as we were almost back at St. Philips.  The sun and drop in wind made it peasant to get into our street clothes and stow away our gear before going for our customary coffee.

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