Sunday, March 29, 2015

Brocks Pond Falls - The Movie

On Saturday were were promised a forecast of snow, freezing ran and rain.  Not the most pleasant of days for a paddle but I was determined to get on the water.  Clyde, Dean, Neville, Terry and I met in St. Philips for a short paddle.  St. Philips was picked because it was close and if the weather did turn to crap we had the refuge of the restaurant and warm coffee close at hand.

It turned out the inclement weather stayed away so we kept going past Portugal Cove to Brocks Pond Falls on a day that had no wind and flat calm water.  It was a relaxed day checking out passages where they occurred.

The video is a short, less than 4 minute, combination of excerpts from our paddle.  Here's a link to YouTube.

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