Monday, September 15, 2014

The most awesome roll ever

Yesterday Dean and I thought we were going out for a short relaxing paddle as we looked out over the Bell Island Tickle.  It looked flat calm but looks were deceiving.  As we got going we realized there was a very gentle but broad open swell was running in the bay.

Some spaces between the rocks were not accessible.  Dean tried here.  A larger than normal wave arrived and he was over.  (We discussed it after and neither of us could pin-point why he went over.)  I looked on with some concern as the kayak seemed to hang for seconds on its edge.  (He said afterwards he was laying on a rock.)

Another wave came in and Dean got washed into deeper water.

A close up and all I could see was the top of his Greenland paddle just over my bow.

I watched as he came into view again, set up, rolled upright and made his escape.

Safe out of the clutches of the waves Dean looks back.  I chose to paddle around.

We discussed it later at Topsail Beach.  These things happen so fast its hard to deconstruct why he got knocked over in the first place.  One thing for sure, it was the most impressive combat roll I've ever seen.

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  1. Dean's pretty good at those combat rolls. I remember being impressed at the one he pulled off under the cliffs on the north side of La Manche (I'm sure Dean remembers...)