Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Blowin' in the wind

On our paddle down to Gulch Pond some people had an issue with the wind which came up.  That's the thing about wind.  Most will not like paddling in wind but the weather can be unpredictable and the forecast wrong.  Therefore, it is necessary to prepare for windy paddling.

There is only one way to get comfortable and efficient paddling in wind ... you have to paddle in wind.

When its windy I like to go to St Philips and first paddle up into the wind before turning to surf the waves back.  On Sunday Des and I spend a couple of hours doing just that.  We would paddle upwind for about 30 minutes, fly back before busting upwind again.

Practice paddling in wind does two things: first, it gives you feedback on how long paddling into wind at various speeds is possible based on one's fitness and, secondly, it builds stamina.  With that knowledge its possible then to be honest with oneself when deciding to paddle or not in a given forecast.  Furthermore, it enables a paddler to cope when the wind comes up unexpectedly.

Paddling into wind is work but the surf rides back are adequate compensation for the effort.

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