Friday, September 5, 2014

Leaving Great Sandy Harbour

After finishing lunch near the falls at the bottom of Great Sandy Harbour we paddled the short distance to go check them out.

With all the rain we've had in August the swollen Sandy Harbour River poured over the last hurdle.

We took turns paddling into the current and riding it downstream.  When we had our fill of that it was time to head back to Gulch Pond.

We hugged the south side of the harbour keeping out of the wind until we got near the entrance when we ran downwind.  I kept an eye on my GPS as I was blown downwind noting the wind was driving me along at an average of 6 kms/hr without even paddling.

Exiting Great Sandy Harbour we were fully exposed to the wind and the sea got lumpy.  I paddled offshore catching some excellent surf rides.  They were not big waves but I still managed a top surf speed of 13.3 kms/hr.

Arriving back at our campsite at Gulch Pond we found the tarp had blown down.  Lee took a rest break after ...

... helping get "Big Yellow" back up.  Then it was happy hour and time to cook supper.

The rain arrived with dusk and its arrival meant the departure of our plans for a campfire.  It was hard to leave the wood we had cut.  The tarp was a blessing as we had a few swallies and Hazen popped some popcorn Dean had bought.

It was an early night hitting the tents.  I felt secure from the weather in the tent as I got ready for the sleeping bag, crawled in and was lulled to sleep by the steady stream of water falling on the fly.  It was heaven.

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