Saturday, September 20, 2014

Surf's up

Today it was windy; SW 35 gusting to 55.  Too windy for what we might call a day paddle but that didn't keep us off the water.  Dean, Gary, Terry and I met at St. Philips for a bounce in the waves.

If the day was flowcharted it would go like this: paddle into the wind and waves until far enough out, turn and surf back in and repeat.

It was a wet ride going upwind as my kayak slammed into the troughs and the kicked-up spray blew over me.

Some rides down the larger meter and a half waves were exhilarating but I was beginning to see a pattern.  Why I wondered did I have to paddle upwind into the biggest waves only to find the larger waves less frequent when surfing downwind?

Two hours later we had enough and went for coffee.  While we didn't paddle non-stop upwind for the full two hours, it did give us an inkling of how much gas to give if we had to to get somewhere.

There's always an opportunity to get on the water regardless of the weather.  Today may not have been the most exciting experience to share on a kayak blog but it can't always be paddling in interesting surroundings.  Today it was a day to pay dues.

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