Wednesday, September 3, 2014

A tour of Great Sandy Harbour

The initial plan was to leave Gulch Pond and go to Bar Haven Island to camp and then the following day it would be a short return to Garden Cove where our cars were.  It seemed a lot of trouble to break camp to paddle a couple of hours and set up camp again.  So, a proposal was made to leave the tents standing and paddle south into the wind to Great Sandy Harbour and have the wind at our backs on the return.

I'll throw the track in here that resulted.

That suggestion was passed by unanimous consent and we were on our way.

There was a bit of wind but nothing challenging, yet.

Without having to set-up camp at the end of the day we had the luxury of taking our time.

As we neared Great Sandy Harbour the wind picked up to 15 knots and dropped again as we entered the harbour protected by hills all around.  We began our paddle into the bottom, some 4.5 kms away, where the Sandy Harbour River pours out over a waterfall.

The topography of Great Sandy Harbour is nondescript - low hills and almost nowhere to take out except near the falls in tis grassy, reed bad ...

... where there was just enough room to have lunch.

Dean asked what was for lunch.  Trick question?  Not really, for the second day in a row lunch for Dean and myself was Mr. Noodles supplemented with a tin of tuna in my case.

I ate my lunch with one eye on the waterfall where we would head after getting going again.

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