Tuesday, April 30, 2013

She's gone boys, she's gone

Kayak Newfoundland and Labrador was formed in 2000.  I joined in 2004 and served on the Board of Directors for four years.  I was very attached to KNL.

Over the last month there had been a campaign to merge the membership of KNL with the membership of a local canoe club.  A number of reasons were given for the merger.  One being that all other provinces have one combined paddle club.

I had reservations and became the lone public voice against the proposal.  I reasoned a combined club with one director dedicated to kayaking that had to serve numerous interests could not further kayaking as would a dedicated Board of 12 kayakers.

Last Thursday the voting closed.  The membership decided to throw KNL into the dustbin.  Less than half of the membership bothered to vote (which itself is sad).  The results: 62 for a merged club and 9 against.  So, KNL is no more.  Will the the new club serve kayakers?  We will see.  Will I feel the same about the new setup?  If so, it will take some time.

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