Sunday, April 28, 2013

Keeping the streak alive

Today was my 15th straight weekend that I managed to get on the water.  In fact, the only weekend I missed since January 1 was the weekend of January 12/13.

I had a familiar paddling companion today.  It was just Dean and myself.

There were a few things I wanted to do around the house on Saturday so I put the paddle off until Sunday.  Dean got out for a paddle anyway Saturday which made me question my sanity.  Who passes up a paddle to do chores?  OK, some do.  Maybe I should a bit more.

Its not very often I let responsibility get in the way of a paddle but, no matter, I had a banner day today.  The water was clear as a bell all the way to the bottom and the sea reflected the sky and cliffs.

No wind and no hurry allowed us to ...

... poke into some spots that sometimes are not accessible.

I'm beginning to realize now that I have the streak up to 15, I just might have to paddle every weekend from now on.  Oh, the pressure *lol*

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