Monday, April 8, 2013

A bounce in St. Philips - The Movie

Sunday was a windy day and probably a day to stay ashore.  But, when a person is determined to get on the water they will find a way.  Brian, Dean, Sean and I met at St Philips where the wind was blowing from the west at 55 km with gusts well in excess of that and the sea a mass of whitecaps.  I decided to shoot some video rather than take stills.

I had over an hour of video that I got down to 7:14 but Blogger would only allow video files up to 100 megs so I cut it down some more and uploaded 1:23 worth.  Its a teaser.  The full 7:14 can be seen on Youtube.  I recommend full screen.

I think it almost captures the conditions but its not the same as being there.  Impossible to get the feel of the wind that made things wet for sure.