Sunday, April 7, 2013

A bounce at St. Philips

This morning the wind was blowing at 55 kms westerly with gusts well in excess of that and the bay was a mass of whitecaps.  Not fit for a day paddle but perfect for a bounce and surf rides in St. Philips.  We bounced around in waves reaching 2 meters, slogged into the wind and turned tail to surf back in for an hour and a half.

I thought the conditions would make for some good video so last night I quickly made up a makeshift camera mount to capture some of today's playtime.  I got over an hour worth of video which at first glance looks to be pretty interesting but will take a little time to put together being as it is my first foray into "cinematography".  I'm hoping to have a clip in a day or two for my world premiere *lol*


  1. Nice shot Tony, I look forward to the video :)

  2. That was just a snap of one clip. An alternative to having to take the camera out and shoot pictures in challenging conditions.

    Tony :-)