Thursday, January 3, 2013

Taking inventory

I keep a calendar that I use to keep track of my paddles and kayak adventures.  I like to keep score.  It measures the success I have avoiding duties.

In 2012 I was in my kayak 74 times.  That's the lowest number in the last four years, partly due to injury and partly due to finally owning up to tasks I've let slide.

I attended only 6 pool sessions.  A shoulder impingement meant roll practice was limited to offside rolls.  Therefore, I was there only half the time.

I was true to Thursday evening practices and only missed one.  Those play/training/social sessions accounted for 30 ass in boat opportunities.

I managed 38 day paddles.  Not bad.  Those 38 day paddles totaled 636 kms.  A significant decrease from the previous year but then again I passed on a number just to spare the shoulder.

I am content.  I am also aware that I was forced to add a bit more balance into my life.  Last year's total of 126 ass in boat days was probably a bit much.

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