Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Sean finishes another project

Sean built a stitch and glue Point Bennett a couple of years ago.  Last fall he decided he didn't like the back deck so he tore it off and installed a new, lower one, strip built.  He just finished it in time to join Dean and myself for a paddle on Sunday morning for its second inaugural relaunch.

Here's a link to his blog for details on the rework.

One impossible thing is to see yourself in the boat so Sean, here you are in action.

When we got back to St. Philips he wanted a shot sitting still to get an idea as to trim.  Not quite flat water so ...

... I took another in the harbour where the water was calmer.  Looks good to me with a nice green colour for the deck.  I think Sean might be finished building kayaks for a while.  Maybe I'll put in an order for some lawn furniture *lol* to keep him busy woodworking.


  1. Tony:

    I've given up building things for now!! There's talk of remodeling our kitchen but that's still in the "discussion" phase!!

    Actually, I do have one more Greenland paddle that I'm supposed to finish for someone but I can't seem to get around to it!!

    Thanks for photo-documenting the second maiden voyage of the Point Bennett!!


  2. I'm always amazed at the quality of your work Sean. Another exceptional result. Waiting for an assessment of the remodel, after the next pool session I expect.

    Tony :-)