Saturday, January 5, 2013

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

 It was supposed to be windy today.  It wasn't.

I awoke to gently falling snow.  Flurries were forecasted.  By the time Dean and I arrived, they had stopped and it was a bright sunny day but cool.

It was bright paddling into the sun, occasionally I had to squint.  Most pictures were washouts but not this one when the sun was under the hill.

We had a gentle breeze in our faces that made the -3 C feel like -9.  But not in the engine room where calories were being consumed to make it toasty warm inside the drysuit.

Icicles clung to the cliffs and the earlier flurries had dusted the trees like icing sugar on the most delectable of pastries.  It began to snow again.  Yay!

The flurries were big landing on my foredeck.  Occasional lop washed them away.

The wind picked up and it began to snow more heavily.  An eagle soared overhead.  I thought, could it get any better?

Yes it could and did as the snow really started to come down.  It was idyllic ... steel grey seas building behind us pushing us along, snow racing ahead of us driven by increasing wind and the gentle bite of Mr. Freeze.  Its was what kayaking is meant to be.

Back on land, we changed out of our paddling gear as snow continued to fly.  Minutes later we were in the warm, hands clasped around a mug of hot coffee.  It came with a couple of Hershey kisses, compliments of the staff who have become accustomed to seeing Dean and myself, no matter the weather.

My first paddle of 2013, and Dean's also.

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